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Venice Oil On Board Circa 1950’s. Edward Seago? 1910-1974.

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Oil on bevelled board circa 1950’s. Edward Seago? 1910-1974.

Interesting mid 20th C oil on board of a Venice back water. The painting has been executed on a thin bevelled wood panel, it very much reminds us of Edward Seago’s work around that time and there are numerous examples online of similar paintings.
49.5 x 39 cm

Oil on Board

Unfortunately the painting is not signed but it has been heavily varnished probably sometime in the last 20 or 30th years and we believe a sympathetic clean will reveal a fabulous Venice view. The painting has a few minor scratches that appear to be just in the surface of the varnish.

It is possible that the panel has been slightly trimmed at some stage to fit a frame.