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"Vegetables" Oil on Canvas by RA Palmer

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Vegetables by RA Palmer. A delightful high quality still life of a basket a vegetables seemingly just harvested from the garden. A really decorative piece to add interest and colour to any kitchen setting. 

The painting is framed and mounted but unglazed 

It is signed on bottom right. 

47 x 57 cm framed.

Images size: 24 x 34 cm 

Artist Robert Palmer was born in Birmingham and studied graphic design and theatrical design at Birmingham College of Art.
After 8 years of working as an artist/designer in a Birmingham advertising studio, he became design director of Gavinbrook Design and Marketing, West Midlands. He resigned after 11 years for family reasons and continued his painting career from home for a series of solo exhibitions.
Robert lived in Kington from 1972 until the late 1980’s when he moved to the Deux Sevres area of France to continue his painting and, hopefully, complete a fantasy book for children and like – minded adults.
In 1994 he moved back to England and settled once again in Herefordshire where he continues to paint in oils , reflecting the corner of France which had been his home, plus his latest fantasies in watercolour on the popular “Bobbledo” theme.