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The Bridge at Le Saillant by Tom Kirkwood

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A very sweet oil on board depicting children at play in the water at the bridge at Le Saillant by the well listed artist Tom Kirkwood.  The painting is in excellent condition and housed in a very good quality modern frame. 

Artist: Tom Kirkwood 

Title: The Bridge at Le Saillant 

26 x 34 cm 

Oil on Board

A bit about the view; the bridge upon the river Vézère connects both parts of Le Saillant village. The right riverbank, with its castle and Le Saillant chapel, belong to Voutezac, whereas the left riverbank belongs to the town of Allassac.
It is a 6 arch slate stone bridge. Its pillars have a triangular shape in order to break the water flow on the upstream side of the bridge.
The bridge is medieval but it was rebuilt, at least partially, during the second half of the 17th century. Up until the French Revolution, you had to pay its owner, the lord of Le Saillant, a fare to cross. He was to use the money to look after the bridge.
The bridge is now a classified Historical Monument, and was largely renovated in 2013 and 2014.