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Surrealist Portrait by Walter Mac Mazzieri (1947-1998)

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A weird and wonderful surrealist portrait by the Italian artist 

Walter Mac Mazzieri (1947-1998)

Limited Edition print. Signed and numbered. This one is 17/250. Framed and glazed in very good condition. 

56 x 40 cm 

Signed Mac Mazzie lower right


Walter Mac Mazzieri (1947-1998), a self-taught artist, whose creativity exploded over little more than a decade, became famous in Italy and Europe while still very young. The variety of expressive styles, sometimes even simultaneous, constitutes the richness and originality of his painting, which deeply engages with lived experiences, reality, and the wisdom gained from life's events, as well as with reflections, new inquiries, pauses, and attempts at new collaborations.