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Superb watercolour by Nico Jungman 1872 – 1935

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Superb watercolour by Nico Jungman 1872 – 1935, original artwork for “Norway” published by A &C Black in 1905. This is one of approx 40 original works from the A & C Black archives we have acquired and will be putting online over the next few days. This will include further Jungman paintings as well original art for Robinson Crusoe, various Simon Harmon Vedder oils for Walter Scott books and many others.

Artist – Nico Jungman

Title – Henrik Ibsen

Medium – Watercolour on Paper

Size 32 x 24cm

The mount has some old staining but this has not affected the painted image in any way.


Nicolaas Wilhelm Jungmann (in England frequently spelled Nico Jungman (1872 - 1935) was an Anglo-Dutch painter of landscapes and figural subjects, a book-illustrator and decorator.

Nico Jungmann was born in Amsterdam and trained at the Rijksakademie; as a young boy, he was apprenticed to a local mural painter and proved a precocious talent.   

He moved to London in 1893 and eventually became a naturalized British citizen.  

Jungmann became known primarily as an illustrator, especially of travel and topographical books.  Among his most widely known publications were books on Holland (1904), Norway Published A &C Black (1905) and Normandy (1905), with illustrations featuring charming depictions of the different types of people, whose ethnicity and customs he had studied on his frequent travels to these countries.  

In the early 1900s, Jungmann became a regular exhibitor at the London gallery, Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell.  He also exhibited at the Royal Academy, Grosvenor Gallery, the Royal Society of British Artists and in Brussels, Munich and Paris.  As a naturalized British citizen, he was interned in the Ruhleben civilian detention camp in Germany.  His series of paintings from his wartime experience are now in the Imperial War Museum in London.