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Still Life with Flowers by Niccolo Codino 1965

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A majestic mid  century still life of flowers from the well listed Italian artist 

Codino Niccolò Italian 1899-1983 

Framed in original frame and glazed. (this can be removed for shipping if required) 

Signed Codino 65' lower left 

65 x 55 cm



He was born on 23 January 1899 in La Spezia to parents of Genoese origin. Self-taught in painting, as a boy he came into contact with a Ligurian sculptor who had studied with Leonardo Bistolfi, a certain Del Sarto, with whom around 1917 he began working with clay in Turin. In the same period he obtained a master's diploma and at the outbreak of the First World War he was enlisted as an artillery soldier in Casalmonferrato, before moving on to fight on the Piave. After the war he won a competition reserved for ex-combatants and in October 1919 he moved to Lucca, where he taught at the elementary schools of the Servi, of S. Marco and at the "Franchini" in Borgo Giannotti. He carried out a considerable activity both in the pictorial and sculptural fields, at least until 1942, the year in which he decided to devote himself solely to painting, practicing various techniques, including fresco. In 1921 he held his first sculpture exhibition in Lucca, together with the painter Raffaello Isola. Shortly thereafter he marries Elda Bernabò from La Spezia, with whom he has two children, Fausto and Giovanna. Owner of a studio located on the Baluardo di S. Maria, in the summer period he often stays in Brandeglio, near Bagni di Lucca, and later moves his studio to the Baluardo S. Martino, at no. 13. In the early 1930s he held the position of Trustee of the Artists Union of Lucca (documented in 1931, BSL, Artisti Lucchesi, man. Guido Brancoli, 1929)