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Spotted Pig Watercolour by Gerald A Cooper

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Isn't she lovely?

A quirky watercolour by the celebrated artist Gerald A Cooper

Spotted Pig

watercolour on paper

28 x 25 cm (not framed)

Gerald Cooper was a painter of landscapes, figurative and still life subjects. He lived in Chelsea, London in 1928, Wimbledon in 1933, and East Horsley, Surrey in 1940.

Cooper's still life paintings have become very popular since his work has been bought to the attention of the picture-buying public. His work is in the Dutch tradition of still life painting and the subjects are synonymous with the best of the early still life artists. Flowers, fruit, jugs, bowls and glass vases are visually effective tools for example, but he also used marble ledges and stone plinths sometimes draped, adding another dimension to these cleverly conceived images.

Cooper exhibited 9 pictures at the Royal Academy and 5 at The New English Art Club as well as exhibiting at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.