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Sitting Female Nude By Franck Scurti

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A nude watercolour and pencil from the well listed artist F Scurti.

An early work from this innovative contemporary artist 

Here is one of two nudes we recently acquired on our travels housed in a very good quality modern frame and in perfect condition. Signed F. Scurti 82’ lower left. 

Sitting Female Nude 

Watercolour and pencil on paper

50 x 65 cm 

Framed and glazed. 


Franck Scurti uses all mediums indiscriminately: video, sculpture, installation and his work is built around a reflection on art, social signs and the reality of the time. His works are often created from materials and found forms, things devoid of values that he carefully redefines by elaborating each time their logic of appearance.

Over time, this series of works gradually forms a narrative where the associations of meaning between each work replace a style or a genre. This story refers to the Western history of a representation originally established by religious or magical laws. It is crossed by the political, economic and scientific data that punctuate our daily lives.

Main individual exhibitions;

1997: Chicago / Pinball, Tours CCC

2002: Before and After, Palais de Tokyo and National Center of Photography, Paris

2006: Air-mess, Hermès window, Tokyo

2007: What is Public Sculpture?, Le Magasin, CNAC de Grenoble

2009: Empty World, Picasso Museum in Vallauris

2009: Retrospective Franck Scurti, The Hollow of Hell, Thiers