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Rare and original 1915 WW1 Recruiting Poster Beautifully Framed

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Rare and original 1915 WW1 recruiting poster beautifully framed and fantastic condition.

First published by
Bemrose and Sons Ltd, London and Derby for

Lithograph on paper

Poster 76 x 50 cm

Frane 83 x 51 cm glazed and framed

Date 1915


The title and text are arranged over the whole, in black. Set against an orange background and framed within green, orange and black borders. image: text only. text: TO THE WOMEN OF BRITAIN. 1. You have read what the Germans have done in Belgium. Have you thought what they would do if they invaded this country? 2. Do you realise that the safety of your home and children depends on our getting more men NOW? 3. Do you realise that the one word 'GO' from you may send another man to fight for our King and Country? 4. When the War is over and someone asks your husband or your son what he did in the great War, is he to hang his head because you would not let him go? WON'T YOU HELP AND SEND A MAN TO JOIN THE ARMY TO-DAY? PUBLISHED BY THE PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, LONDON.- POSTER No. 69. PRINTED BY BEMROSE AND SONS LTD., LONDON AND DERBY.