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Neo Classical Watercolour of Child Holding Puppy C1820

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A very sweet and endearing neo-classical portrait of a small child holding a puppy in what appears to be night clothes. The background has a whimsical feel as the child is standing in a lush forest with wild orchids growing to the right.

it is housed in a period Jesse gilt frame that is quite tatty but we feel adds to the charm given the age.

The painting is unsigned but very much reminds us of Adam Buck.

Adam Buck (1759–1833) was an Irish neo-classical portraitist and miniature painter and engraver (as was his brother Frederick) principally active in London.

Buck was born in Castle Street, Cork. Becoming an accomplished miniaturist in the 1780s while still in Ireland, he made a permanent move to London in 1795 – his residences there included 174 Piccadilly (1795–8), Frith Street, Soho (1799–1802) and Bentinck Street (1813–20). His patrons included Angelica Catalani (an opera singer), JP Kemble, Sir Francis Burdett, Thomas Hope, George IV, the duke of York and his mistress Mary Anne Clarke. A major influence on Regency culture (producing plates of contemporary costume as well as genre pictures of family and classical scenes and illustrations for Laurence Sterne's Sentimental Journey), he was himself much influenced by the Greek Revival (the furniture, vases - which he collected -, sculptures, costumes and even hairstyles in his works are all ancient Greek). He also acted as a painting teacher, as well as exhibiting more than 170 miniatures and small full-length portraits at the Royal Academy between 1795 and 1833. He died at 15 Upper Seymour Street, London