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Navajo Picture Writing

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A super interesting piece that rarely comes to market.

Navajo picture writing by 66 year medicine man Robert Hataali

Goache on paper

53 x 48 cm

Framed and glazed


Picture Writings were observed by the Franciscan Fathers during the 19th Century and were photographed as early as 1903.
In 1984, a 66-year-old Navajo medicine man named Roger Hataali began drawing
Picture Writings commercially.
His Picture Writings were incomplete,
and were never used cermonially.
Roger's intention was to earn extra
money for his family and, as his Picture Writings became popular, the Hataali family was able to afford a new pickup truck.
By early 1986,
Roger's sons, Dennis and Bruce, had started making Picture Writings.
Bruce, who is now 29, , and Dennis, now 32, developed their own individual styles.
As Dennis and Bruce became more prolific, their father's production declined.