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Peter Mazell 18th Century Bird Hand-Coloured Engravings x 4

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Four fantastic and large size hand-coloured 18th-century engravings of birds by The Irish artist Peter Mazell.

Title - The Kestrels, The Golden Eagle, The Female Sparrow Hawk, and The Moor Buzzard. 

Medium - Hand coloured engravings.  

Sizes 42 x 27cm, 43 x 30cm, 38 x 28cm and 29 x 44.5cm  

Peter Mazell was an Irish painter and engraver, working in London between c. 1761 and 1797. He is known for his fine engravings of natural history subjects, especially those illustrating books by John Walcott and the Welsh naturalist Thomas Pennant. He created almost 600 engravings in his career. He also exhibited paintings of landscapes and of flowers. He exhibited at the Society of Artists and at the Royal Academy.