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Landscape Modern Abstract by Yeshayau Scheinfeld (1909-1979)

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Yeshayau Scheinfeld (1909-1979)

Abstract modern landscape.
Framed gouache on paper.

Frame: 88 x 69 cm
Image: 69 x 49 cm

Immaculate condition. 


It was only in 1969 when the sixty years old Yeshayau Scheinfeld first took up a brush and applied color to paper. In his first year, unwilling to reveal the need for self-expression, Scheinfeld worked surreptitiously in the early mornings or late nights – when no one was about.

Just a year later, in 1970, after a successful group exhibition in the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, it became clear that Scheinfeld is one of the most striking artists to figure in the local naïve self-taught art market. Although his usual subject matter was the scenery of the land of Israel, Scheinfeld introduced the landscape using a mosaic pattern, something that had become his unique artistic signature. While Scheinfeld’s favorite mediums were tempera and ink on board, he also worked in various other mediums including acrylic on canvas, etching with hand painted colors, mixed media collage and even weaving.

Between 1971 and 1975 Scheinfeld has gained a wide international recognition and his artworks have been exhibited not only in Israel, but also across Europe and North and South America. In 1975 Scheinfeld’s colorful pen and ink artwork ‘Aqueduct’ was awarded to feature in UNICEF’s New Year Round collection.