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Portrait of A Child By Colesworthy Grant, Calcutta 1843

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Rare watercolour on paper by the well listed Indian based artist Colesworthey Grant "Young Child" probably the child of an Indian army officer as Grant did a lot of portraits of Indian army soldiers and officers.

Artist - Colesworthey Grant 1813 - 1880

Title - Young Child (signed and dated Calcutta 1843

Medium - Watercolour on paper

Size - 26 x 22cm

Colesworthey Grant 1813 – 1880 was an English artist, writer and pioneer activist against cruelty to animals in India. Teaching himself art and sketching, he produced numerous portraits of many early East India Company servants of influence in Calcutta which were published in the local periodicals of the time. He later became a professor of drawing. He founded the "Calcutta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" in 1861 after seeing the sorry conditions especially of draught animals on the streets of Calcutta.

Grant was born in London to a Scottish father who manufactured mathematical instruments and a mother of Welsh ancestry. He arrived in India at the age of nineteen and joined his brother George who was a clock and watch-maker in Calcutta. He took an interest in sketching and began to contribute to the India Review from 1838 through Dr Fred Corbyn and later to the Calcutta Monthly Journal. These early works included portrait sketches of many eminent persons who lived in Calcutta.