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Deborah Jones 1921-2012 Oil on canvas - Tea Party

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Deborah Jones 1921-2012

Oil on Canvas

A superb example of Jones' work. Signed to the lower left corner.

Canvas: 33cm x 36cm 

Deborah Jones (1921-2012) was born in South Wales but moved to Bristol as a young girl. where she worked for the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Later she moved to London and started her artistic career by displaying her canvasses on the railings along the Bayswater Road. Soon her artwork captured the attention of many admirers leading to exhibitions all over the UK and in other countries including France, Italy, and America. At her London exhibition held in 1975, Cary Grant bought all the 20 or so pictures on display and it is said Frank Sinatra also owned her work. Deborah Jones’ paintings ranged from pictures of teddy bears and dollies to Still Life and industrial landscapes. It is said her love of teddy bears came from her treasured Teddy Lexi who survived a 1941 raid on their road in Bristol.