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Claes Oldenburg (Swedish, b. 1929). Claes Oldenburg

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Claes Oldenburg (Swedish, b. 1929). Claes Oldenburg


Geometric Mouse, Scale D 1971

Stainless steel wire, bead chains and nickel-plated fasteners on photo offset die-cut cardboard

Articulated 3-dimensional object, unassembled and in original shrink-wrap packaging.

We have attached a photograph to indicate what it looks like once assembled (instructions included with the object)

Inspired by the pop culture icon Mickey Mouse.

Height: 19.5 inches / 49.53 cm

Width: 16.5 inches / 41.91 cm

Geometric Mouse: Scale D is called “home-made” because it is a white cardboard reproduction (2/3 smaller) of the prototype made in preparation for the fabricated black metal Scale C Mouse. It is imprinted with reproductions of the artist’s notations and signature, and it was intended to be an unlimited edition, but it was only produced once in 1971 when only 3,000 were manufactured. Packaged within plastic shrink-wrap to look like a consumer item, the Scale D Mice were meant to circulate with other real commodities and infiltrate society much like real household mice.


published by Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, CA 


Shrink-wrapped as issued, some tiny stain marks from the chain laying against the paper (common with most copies)