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Capanna Sulla Riva (Huts on the Shore) by Guglielmo Malato

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A super Italian mid century abstract painting by the Italian Painter. 

Guglielmo Malato b. 1932 

Title: Capanna Sulla Riva (Huts of the Shore)

Signed G Malato 72 lower right. 

Housed in original mid century frame. 

Oil on Board 

41 x 51 cm 

(Pesaro 1932) Painter was born in Pesaro  and made Lucca his home most of his life Guglielmo Malato, was first a teacher and then Dean of the Passaglia Art Institute and of the Art School of Lucca.His work featured in  many exhibitions and various national and foreign exhibitions, his work is present in various public bodies and important private collections.
Also known as a ceramist, some of his work appear in the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Pesaro and in the International Handicraft Museum in Florence, he currently resides and works in Versilia.