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Canzone del Mare 2 Sculpture by Chiara Vagnarelli

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One of three sculpture we have available. 

22 cm H


Chiara Angela Vagnarelli

Ceramic Art.

We are proud to represent Chiara Vagnarelli. She  is a Italian/Welsh and is inspired by both countries’ natural and build environments. Her work is informed by the curve, line and textures of these different landscapes.

She creates her contemporary ceramic sculptures using the ancient hand-building techniques of pinching and coiling, rather than using a potters’ wheel. These techniques ‘knit’ together the clay and strengthen it in a way that enables Chiara to take risks with form and structure. So even when a piece may look fragile, it has strength and presence.

Working the clay to achieve the curve and balance of each piece is a gradual process and is as important to her as the finished sculpture, as it always informs her original design and allows the rhythm of making to take her in different directions. By following this process, each resulting piece is unique. She does not use glaze, allowing the clay to speak for itself.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in London, Sussex and the Cotswolds, and has also been exhibited in Manchester and North Wales.

She now lives and works in a coastal town in West Sussex, where she has her studio.