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Blue Bathroom by Toby Ziegler

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Toby Ziegler British, b. 1972

Title – Blue Bathroom (1999)

Medium - oil on canvas

Size – 190 x 75cm

Toby Ziegler’s paintings and sculptures often provide a juxtaposition of both abstraction and figuration, using digital manipulation of the composition resulting in a level of obscurity. His process often consists of the appropriation of an image, rendered by computer into modular planes, worked on, developed and modified.

Divorcing his subjects from the weight of their historical context, Ziegler’s mosaic-like motifs offer geometrically pure terrains for painterly degeneration.

‘I've always loved it when paintings do fall apart, and you have to negotiate them as something totally abstract’

The flat picture plane may also be fragmented into facets, onto which detailed motifs are often added, at first seeming to be a kind of mechanically produced pixilation, but on further inspection revealing themselves as hand-painted tesserae, shattering the surface of the picture plane into an endless prismatic refraction of light.

This particular piece, at first glance, appears not to have much digital abstraction. Upon closer inspection, one notices that the yellow towel is broken into fragments and the grout between the tiling runs through the two taps. There are also squares of tonal colour changes sharply defined at the edges, as if the painting is buffering. This beautiful subtlety shows Ziegler’s talent as an artist in his signature style.