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Antique Ottoman Carpet

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 Large Ottoman carpet with full provenance. In very good condition. 

Carpet: 366cm x 268cm

Provenance – Dr Barrett T Heggs and the by descent through the family.Dr Barrett Heggs, was sent to Baghdad after the collapse of the then Ottoman Empire, to found a school of Western medicine, and organize a public health system and service for the country.During the many years that he spent there, probably up to about 1936 or so, he was given and acquired a number of local objects, including many carpets and rugs. Some gifts were from the royal family of Iraq in appreciation of his improving public health in their country. These gifts he brought back to Britain when he retired to Jersey, where he died, probably during or immediately after the war. A fuller timeline is available on request.It is possible that the carpet was not new at the time that Barrett obtained it and maybe older than the 100 years or so when he first acquired them.