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Alvaro Danti (Livorno Italy, 1911-1985)  1950/60’s Interesting Italian Abstract

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Alvaro Danti (Livorno Italy, 1911-1985)  1950/60’s Interesting Italian Abstract oil on board by the well-listed artist Alavro Danti. 

Oil on Board 

40 x 30 cm

Unsigned and unframed. 


Alvaro Danti (Livorno, 1911-1985) began to devote himself from a young age to painting by attending the studio of the painter Cafiero Filippelli and since his initial experiences he implements a simplifying research in drawing while remaining faithful to the strong coloristic component present in the Labronic tradition. There is no doubt, in this period, an affinity with the figuration and the pictorial gesture of Giovanni Bartolena even if the need for autonomous representation of his being through the use of the brush, leads him to elaborate, from the years following the first tests, a personal expressive search.
It is with the end of the forties that Danti, painting from the real in the company of some painters of his peers, undertakes a careful study of the landscape which, characterized by a strong expressive imprint, becomes a pictorial pretext for a work of emotional introspection.
The fifties are fundamental for ours who, after the important exhibition at the Guillame Gallery in Paris in March 1951, decides to devote himself completely to painting, thus begins the formative experience of the Extemporaneal Exhibitions that will allow him to get in touch with some of the prominent personalities of Italian painting of the twentieth century such as Guttuso, Sassu, Zigaina and others.
It is in these years that Danti matures subjects dear to him for all his subsequent production such as, to name a few, factories, construction sites, flowers, the port.
1963 saw Danti engaged in the Capital with two important exhibitions.
He participates, first, in the prestigious Quadriennale and exhibits, then, in the collective "Otto pattori Livornese a Roma" organized by the Galleria D'Arte d'Urso.

In these years, his Exhibitions are intensifying, among which we remember Certaldo, Municipality of Certaldo 1963, Niagara Falls (Canada) Cagliari, Galleria Maestri del Colore, Pisa, Galleria Il Navicello 1970-1971-1974, Salsomaggiore, Accademia d'Italia 1983.
All wrapped in the anonymous lights of gray and rainy days, in the morning fog or at dusk, in the blinding brightness of a hot summer or in the cold light of a warm winter sun
His last long artistic season will be characterized by the research of the effects of light on the metropolitan environment, Livorno seaside city, in its representations it loses the characteristics of a Mediterranean city and becomes a universal city, New York or Singapore, Hamburg or Hong Kong.

Cities of the sea, with seafarers: seafarers and travelers, crowds and confusion, solitudes and melancholy, are represented in docks, on the docks, in the streets, in the markets.
Landscapes with buildings and figures represented with an essentiality of stroke and color in which informality does not reveal either the somatic characteristics and customs of the people, or the architectural and environmental characteristics, which specify their geographical location.