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Wim Wenders Monumental C-print (photograph)Limited Edition 6/6 Ground Zero

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WIM WENDERS (GERMAN, B. 1945) Large scale C-Print of Ground Zero 

New York, November 8, 2001 V 

edition 6/6 

C print 

image size 133 x 407cm 

framed size 183 x 452cm (Framed and under Perspex)

Provenance - Haunch of Venison Gallery ;London.

In November 2001, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Wim Wenders visited Ground Zero to capture the devastation caused by the 9/11 terror attacks and the huge recovery operation being undertaken. 

Wim Wenders: Photographing Ground Zero presents large scale photographs taken less than two months after the attacks, as the gravity of these events left a new world in their wake. 

 Reflecting on what he witnessed in New York, Wenders has said: “My panoramic camera captured this amazing message: ‘Something terrible, altogether infernal, has happened here. But please, let this not become a ground for more hate, let the lives that were taken here not become the reason for more bloodshed. Let this place be forever a symbol of peace and healing’.”