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"Tangerines" Hand Finished Signed Etching by Pip Carpenter

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Hand finished signed etching by Pip Carpenter 

Limited edition signed 35/250

Title: Tangerines 

Frame 26 x 26 cm

Image 12 x 12 cm 

This one of three of this series of still life pieces. Also available are "Fruits" and "Green Apples". Please see our other Pip Carpenter listings. 

Her paintings are in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pastel. Her hand made prints are etchings, drypoints, aquatints and collographs. Her prints are finished with hand colouring to give them extra vibrancy and texture.

All the prints she makes are limited editions, each print finished individually and hand coloured to create a unique image. The final working is the most critical, each piece dictating its own finish.

Pip Carpenter is well known as a collograph artist and especially for her collograph landcapes. However her paintings and etchings display her artistic talents to the full and deserve attention.

Pip has lectured in Art at Polytechnics and Art Schools. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including ‘The Encyclopaedia of Printmaking Techniques’ and ‘Pastel Workshop’. 

Previously a member of the Greenwich Printmakers.