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Poetry, Konstantin Kedrov (28 original illustrations) 1991

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28 pieces of original artwork by the Russian artist  Mikhail Molochnikov (B1963)


Artist - Mikhail Molochnikov B1963


Title - Poetry, Konstantin Kedrov (28 original illustrations) 1991


Medium - Ink, gouache and pencil on paper, each signed, dated (1991) and titled lower right.


Size - 43 x 30.5 cm


This is an important collection of 28 original pieces of artwork, all dated 1991, by the well listed Russian artist Mikhail Molochnikov B1963 for a book of poetry by the  Russian poet Konstantin Kedrov B1942. All of the artwork is in superb condition and contained in a modern portfolio.

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Mikhail Molochnikov was born in 1963. He graduated  from Moscow Architectural College.

Mikhail Molochnikov is widely known both in Russia and in Europe. During his long career as a graphic artist, he exhibited in the best museums of the Old World. Currently lives in two cities: Moscow and Berlin. Since 2004 - representative of the German Union of Artists BBK. He is one of the founders and participants of the MTM Group. Among his works are man-made books, cardboard sculptures and graphic series.

His work is a vivid example of modern abstract art. In his works, the artist repels from the ideas of the avant-garde, first of all, Malevich's theory, combining them with Eastern Gnosticism and Tibetan meditative practices. Comprehending the traditions of the classics of abstract painting and preserving their traditions, Mikhail created an entirely new language for his paintings. There is a place in it for free associations, for dreams, and for the mysteries of the subconscious. His paintings are not bound to a specific point in time and limited space; on the contrary, they reflect the eternal beginnings of life, which remain unchanged for entire epochs.