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Rare Original 1971 Clockwork Orange Poster - Stanley Kubrick

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Clockwork Orange

Original 1971 colour poster. 

Poster: 84cm x 61cm

When Clockwork was slightly altered to achieve an R rating, Stanley Kubrick wanted to call attention to the change with another image, as the original Philip Castle artwork had already become iconic. He liked the design by David Pelham of the Canadian paperback edition of the Anthony Burgess novel and had it adapted as the new poster for an "R" revised release. It was displayed in theaters only for a short time before the original image was again used, this time with an R rating. This alternate style poster had a very limited print run and, as it was directly tied to the US rating, it was only seen in North America, whereas the original design was used throughout the world. It is therefore the rarest of all official Clockwork Orange posters.

Trimmed to the lower margin, see images. Tipped on backing sheet to corners.