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Jamie Shovlin (British, B. 1978) Lustfaust, Christian Emerich, German Tour, 1977

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Jamie Shovlin (BRITISH, B. 1978)

Mixed media and collage on paper

An original large artwork design by the British artist, Jamie Shovlin.

This superb piece is titled 'Lustfaust, Christian Emerich, German Tour, 1977-78. The band 'Lustfaust' was original set up as a hoax, but due to the popularity, ended up touring with live performances.

Provenance: Haunch of Venison

270cm x 205cm

Lustfaust is a musical project created by artists Mike Harte, Euan Rodger, Jamie Shovlin, and Murray S Ward, though other musicians played with them, including Eleanor Mills. The project was originally introduced as a collection of material created by and relating to a 1970s German glam rock band, whose memorabilia were notably featured in the Beck's Futures exhibition in 2006, and which deceived Sunday Times cultural commentator Waldemar Januszczak into running an article describing their claimed activities in giving away free copies of their music to fans. Januszczak went so far as to tip the collection for the Beck's Futures prize.