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Colour Deficiency (2011) by Ravi Pupa, American b.1977

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Original abstract art by Ravi Zupa, American b.1977 “Colour Deficiency”


Artist - Ravi Zupa, American b.1977


Title - Colour Deficiency (2011)


Medium - Mixed media on wood, stamped with artist's monogram lower right.


Size - 31 x 23 cm


Interesting abstract work by the American artist Ravi Zupa (B1977) The painting has the original gallery label for the Lazarides Gallery in London. Condition is excellent and is ready to hang.


Ravi Zupa is an American Contemporary Artist based in Denver, Colorado, whose detailed and intricate work encompasses collage, painting, print making, sculpture, film making and more. A major up and coming artist, Zupa's themes draw from world cultures and iconographies, mythologies, vintage print, Renaissance woodcuts, Pop Culture and literary references to create eclectic, ornate and politically charged artworks. The result is an artwork that uses images, spirituality and revolution from around the Globe in the search of a Universal expression through design, pattern and evocative forms.


The celebration of the most ancient ways of making art are also present - each and every image contained in Zupa's work is drawn by himself by hand, and with his appreciation of the original Flemish woodcut artists of the Renaissance comes a love of original printmaking.


Zupa has collaborated with Shepard Fairey and Obey as part of the Obey Artist Series, and produced poster artwork for the bands Pearl Jam and The Pixies. Zupa also collaborates on works with his artist wife, Arna Miller.