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Beautiful 19th Century Watercolour Barden Tower

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 Beautiful 19th century watercolour Barden Tower, Wharfedale by Edward Tucker 1830 – 1909


Title – Barden Tower, Wharfedale (Yorkshire)

Artist – Edward Tucker 1830 - 1909

Watercolour on thin card, signed at bottom right.

25 x 33cm Image

45 x 55cm Mount

The painting is in very nice order with no fading.


EDWARD TUCKER, 1830 - 1909, was a landscape and coastal painter in watercolour. He lived in London, Brighton, Ambleside, ending up in Windermere. He was the father of Arthur T. RBA 1864-1929, Frederick T, and Hubert Coutts RI, who died in 1929. All three of his sons being listed artists. He also painted in Austria, Northern Italy and France.


Barden Tower is a ruined building in the Parish of Barden, in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, England. The tower was used as a hunting lodge in the 15th and 16th centuries, and despite a renovation in the 1650s, it fell into disrepair in the 18th century. The tower is now part of the Bolton Estate and is listed as a medieval fortified tower.[2] Along with other buildings on the Bolton Estate, it is a focal point and many people visit the tower. It is also a way marker on the 100-mile (160 km) Lady Anne's Way long distance path.